Sitting in Publicity class, Yates reminded us that our blogs are STILL due on Monday.  After a bit of complaining, Yates said if I needed to, my blog could be me venting about her. But instead I found a new topic to discuss. Yates, you got lucky this week! Now, usually having an assignment due on Monday is not a big deal. But this weekend is a bit more special for me. Yes, it is a three day weekend from classes and a national holiday, but this weekend is my birthday weekend. Even though we tried to convince her to move back the due date by one day, I reminded myself of something – PR is a continuous, never
ending, always.

There will always be something that we have to do, either it be staying late at the office, coming in on the weekends, or those dreaded crisis situations. As a PR major, we need to sit back and ask ourselves, “Is this what we want” and “Will we be able to handle that”.  For me I cannot wait! That may mean we may have to miss family gatherings and reschedule some of your birthday weekend activities, but in the end it will be worth it. There will always be other family gatherings and another birthday weekend.

No one can describe the feeling of accomplishment after creating that perfect news release, dominating in a press conference, or even getting the right publicity for your client or organization.  I also feel that if you manage your time and work diligently, those times when you may need to miss something special will be rare. So my fellow PR majors, stay confident and work hard; because we set our future.


About Isaac Nicholson

This blog will be following the adventures and experiences of Isaac Nicholson. Isaac is a fictional character that is solely-based upon myself. I have chosen to keep my identity safe, as well as the individuals I interact with. With the secret identities of everyone secure, everything that I encounter could potentially be shared through a blog post. Basically opening my life for the world to read. Each blog will be based on the experiences, adventures and issues I feel like should be shared or discussed. They will range from a wide variety; such as life lessons I have learned, sexual experiences, etc. My life will basically become an open book for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy. You will not only get to know myself, but hopefully my closest friends and the craziness that we sometime do. Therefore, sit back and hopefully enjoy.
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3 Responses to 24/7

  1. First of all, happy birthday weekend!! As you have already completed your blog, I hope this means you are well on your way to birthday/Labor Day festivities.

    You’re right though, PR is not a field that we can simply do our work and go home. Some days that may be the case, but we should always be prepared to meet deadlines and be on call for any crisis.

  2. So true! PR people have to be on their game every second. Excellent point!

  3. richilajrand89 says:

    Well let me start off by saying happy belated birthday! I totally agree with you while being in PR we do not get any lead way. We work every hour and minute of the day, we can not just go home after we get off of work. We have to meet deadlines and of course be on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week especially if a crisis occurs.

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