The dreaded, not-so-general, gen ed

Most of you can probably sympathize with me when I venture into the topic of “gen eds.” I’m all for a well-rounded education and agree a basic, general knowledge of the simple fields outside of my degree is important for me to obtain. The problem with these gen eds, however, is that they’re not very “general.” They’re usually crazy challenging and incredibly in-depth.

Specifically, I’m referencing the sciences. Since we’re in the communication department, we are each required to take one science lecture and one science lecture with a lab. To finished rounding off my “well-rounded education,” I’m taking Geology (+lab) with Dr. Loch this semester.

Each day, I’m more and more astounded by the complete contrast my science classes are in comparison with my communication classes.

I start my TRs with Interpersonal Comm with Benton (fabulous!) The class is constantly filled with rigorous, challenging food for thought, in-depth intrapersonal communication and rewarding, relevant discussion.

After an hour and fifteen minutes of that, I wander over to Morris. The building, to me, just screams run away. The smell should be your first cue to turn around and go back to where you came from. The halls are just tainted with some kind of chemically smell. Chemicals=chemistry, which = NO GOOD.

I trot down a flight of stairs and round the corner toward my classroom (it’s nestled so far back in the bottom of the building it gives the room a nice dungeon ambience). I suppose the dungeon theme is appropriate though; the cave-like feel sets the mood to engage in our enthralling discussion about rocks.

When I say enthralling discussion, I mean a cold, hard, straight, one-way lecture complete with dry/sarcastic (what he calls humor) and a pathetic inability to communicate effectively. He even has a lovely old-fashioned picture carousel (sitting right behind the digital projector).

Day one, slide one: “This–is a rock.”

It’s all I can do to concentrate in this class. The fact that I leave with somewhat intelligible notes is a miracle. While we’re talking about ferromagnesian silicates and ortheoclase feldspar, I’m only thinking:

Thank God, thank God, I am a communications major!!!!

These gen eds have been helpful in one way: they constantly, constantly make me one million percent certain about my degree choice.

I love PR.

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4 Responses to The dreaded, not-so-general, gen ed

  1. mmq99030 says:

    It is like you are living my life from sophomore year! I would leave Interpersonal Comm (with Benton) and head straight to my Physics general education class. After an hour of in-depth conversation, it was incredibly difficult to adjust to the nearly indecipherable mutterings of my professor. Maybe the Public Speaking gen ed was more necessary than I had previously thought. I could not help but think throughout the entirety of the class just how lucky I was to be learning about something that interested me.

  2. dsl03110 says:

    I agree with you about having a rounded education. But some of the classes seem pointless, ex Scince. I am a Business and PR major, when would I ever need to use science in my daily activities? Science will not help me write a press release or create those financial statements. I deem that field pointless to me, just like those science majors would deem our major pointless for them. Also I feel that how well we succeed in our education is based on our passion for the field we are working for. In my PR classes, I am working diligently and most of my time is spent on those. For all other classes, not so much. I just do the work that gives me the grade I want and move on. I don’t spend any extra time on those subjects.

  3. ryanmarler says:

    Your problem is taking geology. Boring. You should’ve taken physics with Dr. Jargocki. Without a doubt, the most intelligent human being I’ve ever met.

  4. GIrl, I am right there with you. Not sure why we are not taking this class together, because I have it this semester too!! I agree with everything you say, it is HORRIBLE. I always just want to skip it. I am not sure if you follow me on Twitter, but the other day I actually tweeted about how Morris building smells funny.
    I love PR too and I am so happy Wood and Martin are our “home”.

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