Why stickiness works?

Hello my fellow public relation majors. When I was reading the material over how to get messages to stick in people’s minds I started thinking of all the different messages that we get bombarded with daily. I thought I would go through each step and figure out why each example works so well.

The first step is to think simple, this could be as simple as the saying, “What’s in your wallet?”. Even though we aren’t literally saying this is Capital One, everyone knows because that message has stuck with the company that developed this message.

The second step is being unexpected. When you are being unexpected then you often catch someone off guard and they seem to remember that more than if you were trying to talk with them .

The third step is using concreteness or having a concrete definition so the reader has no problem understanding. This seems to be a hard topic for some people to understand. Think about if every rule growing up was defined for you? You would never have the excuse of not knowing what the rule was when you got caught.

The fourth step is using credibility. Are you more likely to believe something you heard from a friend, who heard it from their friend, who heard it from your mother, or if you mother tells you herself? When trying to get a message to stick we have to think about who the message is really coming from.

The fifth step is using emotions. People are more likely to remember a book or movie if it caused any emotion. For example, this weekend I watch “The Incredible Hulk” for the first time. I will remember that movie because I absolutely hated the way the movie ended.

The sixth and final step is using stories. Think about it. How often do teachers tell us stories about their experiences to try to help us remember. Everyone can relate to stories and I think that is one reason they work so well to help a message stick.


About hannahkrhoad

A Public Relations Major at the University of Central Missouri with a passion for voluntering & traveling.
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One Response to Why stickiness works?

  1. johnpetersonpr says:

    The fifth step of emotions is what I believe to be one of the most important factors in making messages stick. Emotions create a connection for the person. Would you say most people generally react first with logic or their emotions? I would bet my weight in gold on emotions. While working for the Salvation Army this summer I learned that our ROI on materials that were known to stir emotions was much higher than those that appealed to logic and explaining. I think in the same facet we can remember more about the events that occurred with friends while we were studying than the information that we were studying.

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