While reading the six characteristics of sticky messages, it made me aware of how messages stick with what people are trying to get across to one another. Some messages may fade away, they may have a life of their own, or they may easily shift what others are thinking about what is going on in the media. There are six different characteristics that tell  how a person may understand a message.

The first characteristic is simplicity, this deals with how people may take one idea and carry that ideal for the day. Also, to develop a message people must learn how to actually prepare for the message in order to make it stick, the message that people tend to get across is not always short, simple, or straight to the point.

The second characteristic is unexpectedness, this deals with how some messages may suprise people because they may think that the message is over, but it may not be over. Unexpectedness may open up people’s mind to what they were thinking before they saw the message that was to be delivered.

The third characteristic deals with concreteness. Concreteness deals with making sure that your audience will understand the message that is going out to the public the same way that I would get the message.

The fourth characteristic deals with credibility, so the sticky messages carry on their credibility. The message or messages can be tested or the audience may verify the message, so that they may understand the message.

The fifth characteristic deals with emotions. If the message has an emotional connection to the audience who you are speaking with may help the message stick and help the audience understand the message better. Messages that deal with anger may push the audience away, therefore if it is a good argument the audience will pay attention.

Last but not least, the sixth characteristic deals with stories. If you have a story you will help the audience remember things such as behaving. Telling a story is a great device in order to share certain experiences or in order to teach the audience lessons.

While being in class, I am now working in a group in order to create a message in order to help the audience understand the situation. While working in a group the company that we are creating a message for is dealing with financial situations. In order to do my share of the work, I thought about stickiness because it helps me think of how to get the point across and if I was in the situation.



About richilajrand89

My name is Richila Rand. I am currently a senior at the University of Central Missouri. I am double majoring in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. Also, I am a Ronald E. McNair scholar.
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