Start blogging like a PR

When I first create this blog, I started to think about what content I should put on here. And of course, it is always much easier to just write whatever things we found interesting on our personal blogs than here. I did think about why we couldn’t just do this on Blackboard. Then I came to realize this is going to be a good experience for us to start blogging as a professional PR.

Blogging has been a great PR vehicle to reach the potential audience and to spread the words for free. I would assume many of us do not have the experience of writing regularly for blogs or having thousand readerships. To get us started, I found a couple tips for effective PR blogging that should help those who are stumbling like I am.

How to do effective PR blogging

1. Create the connection.
This is the most important thing about blogging: you have the build the bridge with the audiences by targeting their needs, giving out relevant content to satisfy the needs, and maintaining the relationship by being responsive, which will be the next tip.

2. Be responsive.
Think about the time when you are waiting for an email that never got responded to, or a tweet that never get replied. It is discouraging. Blogging is about nurturing a relationship with the audiences by keeping the dialogue going, even when it comes to a negative feedback. See every comment as an opportunity to keep the conversation going.

3. Write newsworthy content.
The definition of “newsworthy” may vary depending on your audiences. News that are interesting to one visitor may seem boring to the other.  Stay tuned with all the timely and current hot topics, but also do your research by taking time to visit your audiences’ blogs and get to know them.

4. Review the blog with fresh eyes.
Here is a personal habit of mine when it comes to writing: proofread the blog, paper or press release next morning with fresh eyes.

5. Spread your words.
Creating options for comments, links for pictures or videos to share, and sharing buttons for social media will help to spread your words to other potential audiences.

Click here to get more PR blogging tips and tactics.


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One Response to Start blogging like a PR

  1. amber0125 says:

    I think you are right about this being a good experience for us. Especially for someone like me who hasn’t blogged at all before and sometimes finds it difficult to figure out what to write. Thanks so much for posting those tips. I plan on implementing some of them when I write my blog for next week.

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