It seems like everyone has the fear of rejection, whether it be rejection of ones peers, rejection of family, or worst of all rejection from an employer. As future PR people rejection is something we need not to fear. It is said that public relations is 99% rejection, pescimists look at that failure percentage and cringe thinking, “Why would anyone go into that field knowing they will be rejected 99 out of 100 times?” Luckily as PR people, that is not how our minds work. I feel most PR people are optimists and realize once the opportunity arises we think, “All we need is that 1% to get our foot into the door and were golden!” Unfortunately, the first foot is always the hardest to get into the door, here are some ways I found that could help gain more media attention rather than just getting attention from bloggers (not real journalists)

Here is a list of tips to help talk to the media by twisted image

-Be nice and respectful; recognize that these are busy people too.
– Be self-aware that most of them do not like to be pitched.
– Don’t annoy them or hound them if you don’t hear back from them.
– Say please and thank you.
– Make it easy, simple and fun to connect to you and whatever it is you’re pitching them.
– Give them time and space to breathe (your rush is not their rush).

Granted these are some obvious tips but in the midst of things and fast paced world we live in now many people tend to forget these simple steps and blow their chances of getting there foot in the door right out the window. Be sure to remember is nuture your media list and update it periodically so you will increase your chances with media outlets daily.

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