Mike Wilson VLOG #1 Apples and Bacon


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3 Responses to Mike Wilson VLOG #1 Apples and Bacon

  1. If we are talking about sticky messages, I feel as though there is something going on between John Peterson and Mike Wilson. The rest of the the Vlog was grey area.

  2. Well, I found this “Vlog” very entertaining.

    I feel like having a younger CEO of Apple may benefit the company just because he is coming from a younger generation. Cook will have more ideas from numerous generations and demographics and what they want from their products.

    I definitely agree with you on the Warrensburg Police Department not having a lot of information out there on this “no tolerance” policy. It could be because of the number of MIP’s from last year, but, like you said, nobody even knows. If the WPD had a newspaper article, or sent a message by email out to all of the college students, maybe they wouldn’t have so many arrests. This could just reiterate what their policies are.

  3. samljohnson says:

    First, Im loving the “vlog” as opposed to the blog. Leave it to Mike…
    In regards to the actual content, Im curious as well about the police department issue you bring up. I too have noticed the apparent increase in arrests. To my knowledge there is no “PR department” associated with the Warrensburg police. I personally think it would be beneficial to send out some sort of law enforcement insert in the Muleskinner. Something like “Hey kids! Welcome to UCM. This is what an MIP/DUI/MIC is and this is what happens if you get one etc etc. And by the way, we have a zero-tolerance policy (NEW to the 2011-12 school year!).” I know we, as college students and adults, have a responsibility of knowing the law but I think this would be a good, informing message to send out at the start of the year. But then why decrease crime? They make money off of it right? I dont know, just my thoughts!
    Good job Mike.

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