Message Development

After our discussion in class about message development, I began to think about all the messages I receive on a daily basis from the media, advertising and more. When I see a commercial or advertisement or read an article there are some messages that come across clearly, while others seem a bit muddled. Now, I understand that not every message will appeal to my interests, but I feel that I can usually tell if a message is having its desired effect. This week I found myself scrutinizing the messages I received and wondering which of the messages were developed using the method we discussed in class and which were thrown together in a different manner.

In my opinion, one company that continually gets their message across is the Target Corporation. Whether through humor or stimulating, modern visuals, Target lets their consumers know what products and services they provide. Nearly all of their advertising is easily recognizable and the message they give is consistent. It does its best to appeal to many different demographics and publics. From what I can tell, Target thinks about the action they want, who can make that action happen, and the reasons for taking that action when developing the messages they put into their advertising. They also keep the consumer in mind and how they can satisfy their wants and needs. As I continue to learn more this semester, I hope that I will begin to really think about the messages I am sending and be sure to use the method introduced last week.

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One Response to Message Development

  1. richilajrand89 says:

    I would have to agree with you messages are strong and they can either make you or brake you throughout a situation. I have never thought of looking at all of the messages that I receive on a weekly basis or a day. That is a great idea!!! Also, I like how you look at one corporation and talk about the consumer as well as the company and the message that they are trying to get across to their audience.

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