Bad First Impressions with Haith

In the recent Yahoo Sports investigation, Frank Haith was revealed to be involved with the primary suspect of the University of Miami’s booster scandal.  Nevin Shapiro has been
accused to providing the school’s athletes with gifts, cards, and sex parties.  Haith as reassured his current employers at the University of Missouri that he is not familiar with Shapiro. Yet, Yahoo’s investigation presented two photos including Haith and Shapiro together and 85 phone calls and/or text messages that link the two together.

How does this affect the fans of the University of Missouri? Most fans were not very support of the coach when the announcement of decision was made. Coming from the University of Miami, Haith doesn’t have a very impressive winning record. Matter of fact, his winning record is more of a losing one.  First, the not so impressive record and now being linked to the scandal, what are the athletic department going to do. All their work done to persuade the fans that their decision was a good one is gone, down the drain.

What to do now?  My hinking would consist of having to repeat the five steps to the proper message evelopment to persuade the fans to “stick” with them:

  1. Decide what action you want to prompt.
  2. Decide who can make that action happen.
  3. Determine why those audiences would take that action.
  4. Confirm that there will be mutuality of satisfaction.
  5. Write the message.

But even before hearing their message, I wonder what stance the PR department and university is going to take. Are they going to stand by their decision with Haith and persuade the fans to trust in their decision? Or are they going to relieve Haith from his duties as head coach and start the search for a new coach over again?


About Isaac Nicholson

This blog will be following the adventures and experiences of Isaac Nicholson. Isaac is a fictional character that is solely-based upon myself. I have chosen to keep my identity safe, as well as the individuals I interact with. With the secret identities of everyone secure, everything that I encounter could potentially be shared through a blog post. Basically opening my life for the world to read. Each blog will be based on the experiences, adventures and issues I feel like should be shared or discussed. They will range from a wide variety; such as life lessons I have learned, sexual experiences, etc. My life will basically become an open book for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy. You will not only get to know myself, but hopefully my closest friends and the craziness that we sometime do. Therefore, sit back and hopefully enjoy.
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One Response to Bad First Impressions with Haith

  1. johnpetersonpr says:

    Good concise break down on the problems at MU. I completely agree with many of those questions that need to be raised. I also think that Mizzou is in a tough situation. However, I think it is time for them to stop creating messages for a bit and listen for once. If the entire fan base was upset about the hire and are even more so now, then maybe a few people need to leave the school for the mess ups occurring. It is just silly how bad of a relationship the university has with the media due to its constant problems. When the the talk of the town is “fire the coach, fire Alden and get rid of Deaton”, officials should be listening to the people who write the checks (and I’m really not referring to the Waltons or Lauries) and not shoving messages down their throat. Then again anything would be better than the silence that is occurring right now.

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