Athletic Benefits in College

Something that has been flooding ESPN and every other sports outlet across the country is the debacle that is occurring in Miami, FL.  Several of Miami’s current and past staff as well as players in the football program are under investigation for allegations for receiving improper benefits.  This has produced huge negative publicity for the university and its’ football program as well as other staff members including current Mizzou coach, Frank
Haith.  This is a very serious occurrence that has been happening more and more in the college sports realm.  In my opinion it wouldn’t be much of a stretch maybe to say nearly every major division one school across the nation has players receiving “benefits.”  I
would make the argument that these players deserve these benefits and it should not be frowned upon.  Athletics play a huge part in defining a school and also a huge part in gaining revenue for the school.  Football alone puts millions of dollars back into the school, so why shouldn’t these players who in part generate these funds get special incentives and/or benefits?  It is becoming more apparent that it is already happening across the country so why not just make it legal?  The players would be happy and have more than just glory, national championships, and the chance for signing professional
contracts to play for.  Another positive this would bring about is schools, like Miami in this case and Ohio State a while back, would be able to spend time and resources on more needed areas rather than investigations, media relations, and fighting through the negativity like we see here.  On a personal note, I wouldn’t mind watching ESPN or checking Twitter without being blown away by schools under investigation for helping out players more than they are “supposed” to.

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